When are tickets on sale and what are the prices for everything?

They’re on sale now silly. You missed the ticket portal, scroll up or visit here: 

Will tickets be available at the box office?

That depends. Parking fees and children aged 3-12 can be collected on site. All other tickets will not be made available at the box office.

What are box office hours?

Friday – 12p – 8p, Saturday 12p – 8p

When will the festival gates open and close?

Gates Open at Noon on Friday, September 6th. The Festival Grounds will close at 2PM on Sunday, September 8th

Is there in/out re-entry access to the site throughout the weekend? 

Yes. Gates will be open from 12p to 10p on Friday and 8a to 10p on Saturday for in/out access. Wrist band credentials ARE NOT replaceable. You can leave the site after 10p each night but will not be allowed to return on site until gates open the next morning. Our security will not allow any driver to access or depart from the site under any circumstances if the driver of the vehicle is considered to be impaired or intoxicated. Be a good human.

Why do I have to sign a hold harmless agreement, liability waiver, and rules/code of conduct prior to entering the festival ground?

Because we said so. This is a private boutique event and a family reunion. We want all patrons to be on their best behavior while looking out for each other with caring vibes and a whole lot of love. The Lookout Arts Quarry is a beautiful piece of property where we will all play at our own risk. Take care of one another. 

What if I don’t sign the agreements?

Beat it.

If I do not sign the hold harmless agreement, liability waiver, and rules/code of conduct prior to arrival can I sign it on site?

Yes, but we’re making it very easy to e-sign in advance and it would be greatly appreciated by all if you would just do so here, nbd. 

Can I bring my kids?

Kids under 3 are free, children aged 3-12 require a $40 donation to Lookout Arts Center. The donation can be paid online or at the box office. All other minors require a general admission ticket. The Quarry is an environment where children will need constant supervision by parent/guardian at all times. The event will not be providing child care services or locations.

Will there be alcohol served on site?

No. Appropriate amounts of alcohol for personal consumption will be permitted to legal age adults at their campsites. Legal age verification via legal identification will be necessary for a 21+ wrist band worn at all times in order to drink responsibly on site. No open containers allowed throughout the venue. Please bring your own reusable cup. NO GLASS allowed.

Will there be food available on site?

Yes. Several food vendors will be on site for those who would like to purchase food at the event.

How can I improve my magical spell casting ability as a wizard, warlock, or sorceress prior to attendance for competitions?

We have no idea wtf you are talking about.

Can I bring my Dog, Cat, Ferret, or Skunk?

No. Absolutely no pets allowed. Pets will be forced to be removed from site by their owner immediately. Absolutely no exceptions. This is a Lookout Arts Quarry ownership enforced policy.

Is Swimming Allowed?

Yes. Swimming is allowed by daylight hours. There will be no lifeguard on site. Swimming is at your own risk. We ask that all patrons act responsibly together when entering the water and keep a helpful eye out for their friends.

Splishing and Splashing sounds alright, but what if I’m really not that great a swimmer

You can Splosh Sploosh Splish Spleesh Splash any way you’d like. Stick to wonking on land and work on your tan if you can’t splish splash and swim in the water. No floaties provided. This entire weekend is for professionals. Play at your own risk.

How Does Car/RV Camping Work?

Very limited numbers of vehicle/RV camp sites will be available. You will have a designated space for your vehicle upon arrival. All other patrons will need to park in the general parking areas and move their camp gear to the campground on a first come/first serve location basis. For pricing, availability, purchase and more details go back to here:  

If I don’t want to camp, are there hotel accommodations nearby?

Yes. Discount hotel accommodations are available at Skagit Valley Casino Resort. Please call 360-724-7777 to place your reservations. Discount option not available online. Call in and tell them you’d like to book in the ‘Acorn Project’ room block via agent to secure your room. There are several K, QQ, and suites available while inventory lasts. Transportation to/from venue not provided. The hotel is located a short 7 minute drive from the venue.

Will merchandise be available for purchase?

We will offer select merchandise on a pre-order only basis. After purchasing your ticket we will eventually announce pre-order merchandise options to the confirmation email provided. Pre-orders will be paid in full and made deliverable at the box office upon ticket scan entrance, or anytime throughout the weekend during normal box office hours. 

Will there be single day tickets?

As of now, no. There may be a small number of Saturday Only tickets released closer to the event if capacity allows, but there are no guarantees.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are considered final. In unique circumstances where a patron communicates in writing in advance of the festival taking place the producers of Splish Splash may determine to issue a refund. There is no guarantee. Assume your money has gone bye bye.

Can I resell my ticket to someone else?

Maybe. Your tickets will be held under your name at the box office. Your confirmation will be scanned on arrival for  your wrist band and entry. You can sell or gift tickets to someone else, but they will need to sign the waiver agreements prior to entry. Agreements will be checked prior to access.

What is the event capacity?

Capicity is 500. This is a boutique private event. It’s a family reunion. Don’t sleep on securing your place by purchasing tickets now.

I would like to apply for a vending opportunity, who do I contact?

Please email acornprojectmusic@yahoo.com for more information about pricing and availability

What’s the WONK Olympic Games and Open Mic Talent Shows all about?

Fun stuff here! We want everyone involved. After purchasing tickets in the coming weeks we will send out a document that will allow you to sign up to participate in games scheduled throughout the weekend and one of four teams on site. You don’t have to participate in a game to be on a team. Each competition will result in winners throughout the weekend. The Open Mic Talent Shows will be hosted each evening. Again, prior to the event you will be able to submit your act for consideration for a short spotlight set to showcase your artistic talents. Music, dance, puppeteering, comedy, weird stuff, whatever you’d like. More info coming!

Can I volunteer?

Possibly. Email acornprojectmusic@yahoo.com for more information if interested.

In the intro letter it says “someone will be crowned,” what’s that all about?

To KNOW is to WONK and to WONK is to KNOW. Ask around. 😉

I’m special, how do I get a discount, guest pass, etc?

This entire family is on the guest list after ticket purchase. Your money is a donation in our eyes to make this little dream all come together. We respect the years of dedication from our family and friends as a whole. Please know we’re putting this money to work to provide as great of an experience as possible while not turning it into a giant crowded spectacle. 1 for 3, 2 for 5 does not apply here. No deals! (But the heady burritos might still get you high).

This is a lot of info, sheesh! Are there any more rules?

It’s all in the code of conduct that you’ll have to sign off on, but highlights include no firearms (duh weirdo), no illicit activities, no drugs, no violence, no fireworks, treat others how you’d like to be treated, no bad vibes.

So with all this stuff being said, will I be fine?

Yes! This will be SO much fun!!

Anything else?

Nope. If you read this laundry list above then congrats to you, champ. You’re really getting after it there, bud. Way to go, slick. Can’t wait to see ya out there, pal. You’re pot committed now, lady. We love you, gal. Get it together, kid. Move on with your life, homie. Buy your f*cking ticket, wonker. Take a shower, wook. Big love to all!!