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Thank you for your interest in the Acorn Project promo team! We’re excited that you want to help get the word about about us coming to your city. We’re looking for people and businesses who are stoked to get people out to see a show. In exchange for your efforts, you can earn a spot on our guest list, score some free merch or even have a hangout session with the band!

-Send an email to Ivy, our promo team coordinator, who will have a stack of show posters mailed to you.
-Hang the posters in the high traffic areas of your city (music stores, campuses, head shops, pizza joints, bookstores, coffee spots, telephone poles and laundry mats (most have message boards). Please ask the store clerks first.
-Add the show to your local and regional live music sites, message boards, and use social media platforms to post about the show on your wall as well as invite your friends on the show’s event page on Facebook.

-A list of at least 10 places the show posters were hung. Please send a few pictures of your work as well.
-A list of names and links of at least 5 sites that you posted information about the show.
-A promotion report must be sent back at least 2 days before the show date. If a report is not sent back, to be fair to all, we cannot give you a spot on the guest list.

If you’re still interested in being a part of Acorn Project’s promo team, please email Ivy with your full name, address, best email address, and phone # if you like. If you have any questions, concerns or have any other promotional ideas, feel free to get a hold of us anytime!

Ivy Vaughn
email Acorn Project directly

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